Malydrak Art & Design is the brainchild of J. Gibson Estes. Her dream was simple: to offer quality, professional design services while continuing to create the art and illustrations that she loves. Now she spends her days designing and creating commissioned art pieces all from one studio.

Powered by coffee and creativity.

Fueled by enough caffeine and sugar to jet herself to Jupiter; Jennifer will rocket her way through your project and make great, new things happen for your business.

Malydrak Art & Design creates logos and branding, websites, custom illustrations, and a whole lot more!

Jennifer has the knowledge and experience to translate your business goals into reliable, persuasive user experiences and knows how to take your dreams and experiences and create artworks that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Challenges? They rock!! I have fun, I dig in, and I get it done.

Contact Jennifer today for more information about Business Services or to commission a New Art Piece.

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